KitchenAid Cook’s Series Pizza Wheel

Cutting pizza with a supper blade can be a chaotic, dreary, and can often be quite irritating. It’s very simple to burn your fingers on hot, foaming cheddar in case you’re not cautious. And probably for this single reason alone the pizza cutters have been invented. Best pizza cutter ought to practically glide through the pie, dividing it with little or no effort. A decent pizza cutter ought to likewise be well-made, strong, and simple to clean. The KitchenAid Cook’s Series Pizza Wheel possesses all the necessary qualities in all cases and even much more.

Despite the fact that this KitchenAid pizza wheel has a plastic red handle, the entire thing feels extremely strong and has a decent haul. It feels like a tool of great value. The stainless steel edge is held set up by a nut and screw instead of a shabby bolt, so it can be expelled from the handle for less demanding cleaning on the off chance that you wish, or the fastener can be fixed if vital. Nonetheless, the pizza wheel is dishwasher-sheltered and easy to clean by hand without the need of dismantling it. The edge remains sharp and the wheel doesn’t wobble even following a number of consistent cutting you or your family members.

The ergonomic outline incorporates a strong handle that is long and sufficiently hefty to hold easily, furthermore includes a smooth metal finger protector. On the off chance that your hand ever slips while cutting the pizza, the monitor will shield your fingers from the sharp edge. What’s more, in spite of the fact that you could simply toss it in a drawer when you’re finished with it, there’s a gap toward the end of the handle, so you likewise have the alternative of hanging the pizza wheel on a peg.

One of the disadvantages of the KitchenAid Cook’s Series Pizza Wheel is the way that it has a plastic bushing (a straightforward bearing for the wheel). Despite the fact that a bushing produced using a more grounded material would be best, as long as the pizza wheel isn’t manhandled or utilized as a part of a commercial kitchen where many pizzas are cut each day, it ought to hold up well. Another conceivable hindrance is that the wheel may not be very sufficiently wide for a few things, for example, liberally stacked lasagna or some profound dish pizzas.

The pizza wheel regularly costs within the range of $10 and $15. Despite the fact that there are positively less expensive models accessible (some under $5), by and large they aren’t of enduring quality, nor do they generally have the most agreeable (or safe) design. In spite of the fact that the KitchenAid Cook’s Series Pizza Wheel is more pricy than a few alternatives, it’s a commendable option in the event that you eat a great deal of pizza.


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